Originally a man with the demeanour Of a light hearted buffoon, The Seventh Doctor darkened into a mysterious cunning manipulator to combat Fenric's return.

Though he delighted in humorous reveri it was only the surface of his true nature, beneath he was a Machiavellian and sombre genius of frightful calibre who could tactically use his mind to manipulate almost any situation into his favoured outcome, despite this every action he did “For the greater good” as this incarnation sought out evil to vanquish he could also show profound warmth and affection to his companions and built a strong connection with all of them.

Initially the Seventh Doctor traveled with his predecessor's final Companion Melanie Bush. After several adventures with the new Doctor she left to go travel with Sabalon Glitz prompting him to travel with Ace McShane, a troubled teenager from Earth in the 1980s treating her as both a protegé and initially as a pawn in Fenric's game. He did his best to heal Ace's psychological wounds by helping her come to terms with her past misdeeds and fears, aiding her in maturing and supporting her in moments of difficulty. Although he initially planned on taking Ace home, The Doctor ended up enrolling her in the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey after being put through a test by the Time Lords.

After traveling alone for a brief time the Doctor befriended Raine Creevy, a posh Safecracker who's father was friends with the Doctor. He and Raine then traveled together for a short while.

The Seventh Doctor finally regenerated into his next incarnation on Earth in 1945 after being shot, protecting Raine from being killed by Klause Schmit.


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